Joel Peterson's Affiliate Evergreen Webinar Invitation:

“How To Start An Ultra Profitable Publishing Business And Get Paid When People Simply Click On Ads"

Make $738.49 + Monthly Commissions For Every Person You Refer
To The Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program!
(Currently averaging $841 with re-bills)

Any affiliate that sends me 10 sales gets a free week stay in our private condo in Hawaii / Kauai - If you send 40 sales I'll pay for your flights!**


** Our family owns a 2 bedroom vacation rental right on the beach in Kauai.  If you get 10+ sales in any calendar year,  you can pick a week in the future to stay... for FREE.  You can use your week at any time in the future and all you have to do is contact me for the details after the promo.  Basically, you pick a week from our VRBO schedule that is open and it's yours.  You can have up to 7 days and the condo holds 6 people. The only thing you can't book is Thanksgiving / Christmas / New Years / Easter.  If any affiliate gets 40+ sales in a calendar year I will pay for 2 plane tickets up to $500 each.

Two Ways To Promote

Automated Webinar Funnel or Custom Like Live Webinar

Most affiliates promote our automated webinar funnel however if you have a relationship with your list and can get 100+ on a live webinar we can do a custom webinar just for your list.  Contact me at the bottom of this page if you want to have a conversation about doing a custom webinar. 

Follow These Steps To Promote The Automated Webinar Funnel

*** Sorry we do NOT allow people to order with their own Clickbank links.

STEP 1 - Get On The Affiliate List

STEP 2 - Generate Your Affiliate Link

Once we have white-listed your Clickbank affiliate link you can generate your affiliate link using the format below.  Please make sure you substitute YOUR CLICKBANK ID where it says 'id'.


The above link is you will send your traffic to as it registers them for the evergreen webinar.  Please don't send traffic directly to the default Clickbank Hoplink as this takes people directly to the order page.

Also after we approved your Clickbank ID it takes 2 to 3 hours before your links will work.

STEP 3 - Get Your Promotional Tools

The Product

The product is called "The Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program" and gets a brand new person into the Online Publishing business so they can make money when people click on ads on their website.

The program lets customers partner with Joel's publishing business to:

  • Generate income via Google Adsense and other programs on their own websites that are created for them.
  • Two websites are created for them in proven profitable niches so all the techie stuff is taken care of.
  • Content is created for them to give them a start and they get monthly content into their sites.
  • We guarantee they will get accepted by Google Adsense even if they have been rejected or banned before.
  • We send traffic to their main website to get them started and send guaranteed targeted traffic to supplement traffic they will be generating.
  • We get them over the "Hump" and give them a completed site and then give them traffic training inside of our mastermind.
  • Customers get personally hand-holding for any tech or help they need.

This is a Done-For-You solution to get a brand new person into a profitable publishing business, give them content and traffic to get started.

The Payout

The product price is $1,997 and then $197 a month

Affiliates will earn 40% commissions on the front and 10% on the monthly for ongoing commissions.

FYI we have a 15% to 20% hard cost to deliver this product to the customer so you are making around 55% of the profit on the front end.

All payments are paid by Clickbank net 21.

There are no refunds on this product and this is made clear on the webinar however occasionally we have to give them as per Clickbank guidelines.  Our refund rate is very very low.

The Results

(Most Affilaites Are Saying This Is The Best Webinar They Have Promoted In A Long Long Time)

In-House Email List

  • 179 attended live, 2 Encores & Replay
  • 23 sales total
  • $45,931 in sales plus future monthly

In-House Email List Promoted 1 Month Later

  • 110 attended live, 1 Encore & Replay
  • 13 sales total
  • $25,961 in sales plus future monthly

Ty Cohen

  • 84 attended live, 1 Encore & Replay
  • 9 sales total
  • $17,973 in sales plus future monthly
  • No Refunds

Jon Shugart & Luke Sample

  • 124 attended live, 1 Encore & Replay
  • 18 sales total
  • $35,946 in sales plus future monthly
  • 1 Refund

Ron Douglas

  • 178 attended live & Replay
  • 20 sales total
  • $39,940 in sales plus future monthly
  • No Refunds

Kirt Christensen (Stock Investing List)

  • 91 attended live & Replay
  • 10 sales total
  • $19,975 in sales plus future monthly
  • No Refunds

Igor Kheifets (offered a bonus)

  • 587 attended live & Replay
  • 55 sales total
  • $109,835 in sales plus future monthly
  • 1 Refund

Affiliate Feedback


The Recording

(You can watch it in 2X speed by going to the settings in the video)


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Skype: joelapeterson

Facebook Messenger: https://fb.me/joelpeterson